When you want to send (or bring) flowers to someone - why choose something conventional?  At Sips 'n Stems, we have a fundamental belief about flowers that literally fuels our passion for floral design.  We believe that flowers have a language of their own and our "job," if you will, is to create designs that convey a message. Whether we are working on a single arrangement or an entire roomful of them, our mission is to translate your message into a stunning visual display using nature's finest elements.

Glance through our portfolio and you'll see that we shy away from formulaic design work and standard looking arrangements.  Instead, we let our intuition guide us in selecting the very freshest products available and then we just go with the flower flow.  We like to think that our role is simply to be the conduit for the flowers and let them do the talking.  Sounds crazy, we know, but in all these years we've never created the same arrangement twice! 

We create Living Art for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, events, corporate and residential clients and any other cause for celebration. Give us a call at 206.683.7926 or send us an email and together we will come up with something memorable and meaningful.